About the Mitchell Area Development Corporation

The Mitchell Area Development Corporation is a 501C3 non-profit local industrial development corporation, incorporated under the laws of South Dakota (SDCL 9-27-37) for the purpose of furthering the economic development of the Mitchell community and its environs.

The Mission of Mitchell Area Development Corporation is here to assist industry locating or expanding within the Mitchell area. The corporate goal is to expand the industrial base of the Mitchell-area economy with emphasis industries that offer quality jobs, corporate citizenship, minimal environmental impact, financial strength, economic diversification, and positive impact for local business.

Innovative Support and Financial Packaging Services

Every business and industry is unique. The Mitchell Area Development Corporation (MADC) recognizes these unique needs and customizes services and incentives for each business and industry project. We have the necessary expertise and a proven track record of providing innovative support for new and expanding industries. Financial packages and construction support services are available through the MADC. Call for more information on our services and incentives.

Land and Infrastructure Assistance

The City of Mitchell, the Mitchell Area Development Corporation, and local utility representatives work together in order to meet the land and infrastructure needs of new and expanding industries. Call and be surprised by what the MADC can do to meet your new site requirements.

What People Say

Brian Klock
Klock Werks

Brian Klock

Klock Werks

“We’re a city of overachievers – and we’re OK with that.”

Larry Thompson
Vantage Point Solutions

“Mitchell is a great place to live, great place to raise a family. It’s a good place to hire employees with a good work ethic.”

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